Metal Horde SG interview with WORMROT

It was a great opportunity to interview local grind machines, WORMROT, who has been a crowd favourite locally and internationally!

MH: This is our very first interview with you guys, and we feel honored being able to!

WR: Hell yes brother. Keep it up!

MH: For those who aren’t aware, what was your reaction when Digsby Pearson approached you guys?

WR: I was the one who got the news first. So you could imagine how lost i was. I keep on refreshing the goddamn myspace message to check if it’s actually a spam. ha! But yeah i was overwhelmed and frantically let the rest know over the phone like a school girl who just had sex with fucken Bieber.

MH: To be signed to a huge label, I’m sure you guys will have no effect or whatsoever being labelled, “sell-outs”.

WR: It doesn’t move us a single inch at all. We have been spit on, back stabbed, false rumours right after we’ve been signed. Us and only us know the truth and that’s all that matters. As for the term “sell-outs” which until today i seriously don’t get it. In affect of the signing to Earache Records, we have been touring endlessly to share our music to the rest of the world. People tend to judge us without actually knowing what we have been through and what we are working on in the band. They have no idea what they are talking about. And it’s very sad that they are living in their own narrow ass world. And we’re definitely would not want to let these “pests” come in our way. No fucking way.

MH: “Dirge” was the band’s 2nd full-length, were there any significant changes from “Abuse”

WR: There’s actually alot of difference between those 2 releases. Abuse is way slower. It matches the grooves that is on Abuse on a more crust punk vibe throughout the entire album. As for Dirge, we’re going for that “unrelenting” grindcore. Straight up with no bullshit attached. I figured some who were into Abuse would not dig Dirge as much. We still have the “groove” in Dirge but not as much as Abuse. Also, it’s good to have a change in album releases but making sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

MH: Arif, we understand you are the man behind ROTWORKS. How do you manage to find time despite the tight schedule touring?

WR: I do not have a day job since we have been signed. And touring does earn alittle but it’s not a worth while income i mean cmon i’m in a grindcore band not the big 4. Personally, it’s hard getting a job when you know you’ll be out for a few months touring. My artwork doesn’t really do justice either in the income department. But it’s enough for me to get the goddamn bills and daily spendings in control. sortoff. So when im not touring, i’ll be drawing. There’s time for it. A short period of time. Not to mention the fucking reservists keeps on getting in the way.

MH: Your artworks are fucking impressive! Being approached by bands like Nasum, Kill the Client, etc. are there any more projects?

WR: Thanks man. Yes there will be tons more. I’m currently working on Dragged into Sunlight(UK) artwork and will move on to Pig Destroyer’s official shirt art for their new upcoming album. And a whole lot more when i’m back from the tour. I’ll be updating regularly on and

MH: We watched the video, “Wormrot explains what Singlish is” and being Singaporean myself,I was wondering if you guys taught any badass Singlish to you guys taught to your foreign peers?

WR: I guess from that video alone i see some foreign friends start using the word cheebai. Or “lah” at the end of every sentence. We also did a dvd which comes along with the Dirge album. It has swearing captions on our recording footages. So i think we did good getting our so called slang into their heads.

MH: The band travelled almost all over US, any funny incidents occured?

WR: Holy hell you have no idea dude. We were once being towed to the venue. Our van got towed due to some license plate bullshit. We can’t drive without our plates so in order for us to get to the show, We had to hide in our van and being towed by a pickup truck. Agonisingly, dragged our van and our asses to the next venue. It was insane. We arrived in a goddamn “style”. There were tons of funny shit that happened during our past tours but that was one of the tops.

MH: Simple but it’s gonna be tough to pick, which was your best show?

WR: There are tons but it has to be Miami Florida. We played there twice and it gets sicker and sicker every year. Never fails.

MH: Honestly, for those who have not gone to shows abroad, let alone done shows abroad, was there any differences?

WR: Definitely. We tend to get more appreciative abroad than we have in our own country. But recently we were stunned as the support over in Deathfest was outstanding. I think there’s still hope for people in singapore to “like” us because in the past, we we’re somewhat in the hate list for some stupid reasons. I assume those assholes finally understands we are dead fucking serious with our music. Support for the right reasons. Not just because we are signed. We really do appreciate all the honesty and the support we have so far from our local “scene”. Hell yeah! We finally fit in! ha!

We’ve seen some extreme shit in our touring days. So to be compared to back home, our crowds are alittle more reserved in my honest opinion but still fucking supporting nonetheless! After the deathfest, i was really speechless on how the crowd being there for every band in the bill. Fucken sweet. I hope it will stay that way.

MH: Family is such an important aspect in many people lives. What do your parents think of WORMROT?

WR: Music is a form of art. And we’re definitely in an art background family. They are twice as stoked as i am. It’s for sure grindcore is not to their likings but they do understand my approach on music as i have been involve in these range of genres since 1999.

MH: I understand WORMROT will be heading to the studio to record an EP. You guys sure love to grind!

WR: Yeah we will have a 5 track EP “NOISE” on cd and 10″ vinyl. I know it’s going to be free but i’m sure there’s a catch. There are no further details yet but we will definitely keep you guys posted on every single fresh details we will be recieving.

MH: Lastly, you guys placed Singapore on the world map of Grindcore, any words for our musicians here?

WR: Don’t be easily let down just because an asshole has an opinion about you. If you think it’s right to have changes then do it. Do not change just because others are not enjoying. You have to be more confidant and more self prioratise on how you are aiming YOUR goals in music. Rumours are always around. It’s just for entertainment. You and only you know the truth. Unless you are a fucking prick yourself so fuck you then. We definitely have great talents over in asia, it’s just that they have to work that extra mile really hard to get ahead. It’s hard definitely especially you are living in this island. Do what you love to do and you’ll never know your hard work will pay off and somebody will eventually notice you. But hey we’re just a band like any other bands here in Singapore. We need to learn as much too.

MH: Once again, it’s a great opportunity to interview you guys, see you around at the shows!

Vocals – Arif
Guitars – Rasyid
Drums – Fit
Band Manager – Azean


For artworks and updates on Rotworks (Arif Rot’s artworks):


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